Tony’s Story

Hey everyone…
My name is Tony, age 32. I currently reside in Reno, NV.
I was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitus last year and have battled debilitating pain for the past 10 years. For ages I thought it was purely a structural issue from extensive physical persuits but as the years went on and the pain evolved in area and complexity I began to suspect something more. At its best, I limped through the days with sacral and hip pain. At its worst I could hardly move, cough, sneeze or sleep  without debilitating pain. Anyone who has this disease knows its relentless severity.

Through the diagnosis and as an avid health nut I found myself researching natural, self controlled modalities of healing this dis-ease which led me to firstly the paleo diet and then the more refined no starch diet. Ive worked as a manager at health food stores for several years and found it difficult to grasp that my relatively very healthy diet was in part to blame for this chronic pain.

Regardless, I cut out all the grains, sugars and and other sources of starches. It took me about 4 months of experimenting to begin to notice a tangible difference and another two to near remission, improved energy and mobility. I dont want to paint a fairy tale here, I still take a daily anti-inflammatory and I still have bad days, most often when I over do it physically or partake in a big dietary cheat, but the flares are immensely more manageable. Just the other day I received an info packet form Humira, the conventional and very scary drug used to treat my disease, and with great joy I tore it in two and threw it in the bin.

To any folks considering this diet for similar auto immune issues I will say this: Stick with it, experiment with patience and diligence, honor the process and understand it took awhile to fall into ill health and it can take awhile to pull out of it. Find yourself a group of supportive people whether near to you or on these sites and forums and know that you have way more control over your health than anyone has ever told you. The state of your mind will dictate much of your healing process so except this situation as a chance to grow and deepen your understanding of life and self and above all, be kind to yourself through the journey.