NSD diet not working for you? Try the AIP

I’m one of the lucky ones for whom a simple switch in my diet has altered my health and basically cured me of my ankylosing spondylitis.  But I also know that  many people have run into problems on the no-starch diet and it’s ineffective for them for whatever reason.  Understanding why this diet works for some people and not for others is a mystery.  I’ve often thought that people try the diet and get frustrated and don’t stick with it long enough, or that they’re getting hidden sources of starch in their food through condiments or unripened food.  But the real answer may be that their guts are more severely damaged than mine (and others who’ve had success using the NSD) and that they are in need of a more comprehensive change than the NSD can provide.

If you’re one of the people suffering from AS who has tried the NSD and it has not made any difference at all then I’d recommend you head over to ThePaleoMom.com and check out Sara Ballantyne’s Autoimmune Protocol.  Even if you have had some success on the NSD I’d recommend checking out Sara’s website as it’s one of the most fantastic sources of REAL scientific information that I’ve found.  I’m a little obsessed with it at the moment and I’d rank it right up there with Marksdailyapple.com for the quality of information, ease of reading, and a good source for recipes.