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  1. Step 1: Diet overview.  What foods you can eat, what foods to avoid, how to use iodine to test for starch, common pitfalls
  2. Step 2: Shopping list
  3. Step 3: 30-day meal plan

Before starting on the diet it’s a good idea to get a baseline on your current condition.  I’d recommend writing a quick journal entry (can be as simple as an email to yourself if you’re not a big “diary” person) commenting on the following:

  • What is my current pain level?  Morning, mid-day, evening pain levels.
  • How many hours per night am I sleeping?
  • How often am I taking meds?  Dosage.
  • What’s my mental state?  Am I feeling generally happy, tired, depressed, hopeful, etc.
  • Other?  Challenges with diet, pitfalls, etc.

You could even take a quick video of yourself answering the following questions.  It’s very helpful to have some sort of baseline so you can check back every week or so and make some sort of attempt at an “unbiased” assessment at the end of the 30-day diet.  Check back in at least once or twice per week during your 30-day trial.


Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or medical professional and you should consult your doctor before starting any treatment program or altering your diet in any way.  I’m also NOT advocating or advising that you stop taking your medication.  Use your head and talk to your doc before making any decisions in regards to your diet or medication.